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[CLOSED] Migration from 823 to 827
Good Morning all. I wanted to ask if anyone has done a migration from 823 to 827 (PROD/DEV). If so, what issues did you encounter? Are there special items required to be done prior to the migration. My plan is to install the client and the report server (on separate VM/partitions), install the 827 App Studio, reconcile all the system values between 823 and 827 and then create change management packages of all my domains and app path synonym containers and export/import. Only then will I release the system to the developers for post installation review. Thanks!
P.S. My test system is at 826 so I think the migration for that system to 827 will be easier since I plan on doing a real "update" from 826 to 827 for that system. I am required to install the PROD/DEV 827 in separate paths so the developers may continue to maintain existing products.

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Apparantly no one has don this specific migration. Although I can't guarantee it because every environment is different but typically a migration within the same major release should be pretty straight forward.

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