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[CLOSED] What is the max lines allowed in a fex?
Created a fex that has 752 lines - cannot save it into MRE. When I give this fex a name and click o.k. the save diag. box goes away but the fex does not get saved to MRE. Just for the heck of it I deleted 50 lines and tried to save it and it saved just fine????? Ideas anyone?????

Webfocus 7.6.8
Windows Server 2003/IIS/Tomcat/Oracle10g

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Forgot to mention it has mutltiple -includes...not sure if there is a limit to that or not?
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As far as I know, there is not a limit to the number of lines allowed. We have a few that are even larger than yours and haven't had any issues. I have seen the content of some lines cause the fex to not save, but never really figured out why. Examine the contents of those last 50 lines and see if there is anything strange. You might try cutting them from the fex and posting them into notepad to see if any odd characters appear and then re-pasting back into you DS fex editor. Also (assuming this in NOT a disk space issue) you might want to check and see if there are space restrictions or file size quotas at the OS level.



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Although it is in 7.1 on Unix, I have a fex in MRe that is over 3000 lines.

Could this be OS related ?

You may have to talk to IBI Tech Support about this.


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I've worked with many fex containing 1000 lines of code and never had a problem saving.

I agree with Darrin Lee, look for something strange, a non printable character perhaps, in the text.

If it's not obvious, reduce the fex to the absolute minimum to make it syntactally correct, say a single field with no filtering for RECORDLIMIT EQ 5. If that works, add stuff back in bit by bit, saving after each addition, until it fails to save. Then you know the last bit you added contains the bad stuff. Remove the last addition and add only half of it back in and save. By iterations of adding smaller and smaller 'halves' you'll find the exact line containing the code that causes the failure.

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I had this happen once before. What we found was a line that was supposed to be a -* was just a -.

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