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Mainframe JCL to Trigger a Unix Job to Execute a Webfocus Report ::?
I want to create a mainframe job that needs to execute a schedule on the Unix Server.

Basically, my Unix Webfocus reports, need to be triggered upon completion of a mainframe job.

Can someone point in the right direction, as to how to go about doing this ?


WebFocus v7.6 on Unix

Saurabh Palkar
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Lots of folks at our site do this. The mainframe job writes some sort of flag file and ftp's it to the WebFOCUS server upon completion.

The Report Caster job wakes up every once in awhile and checks for the flag file. If it is there and has the right stuff in it, it runs the schedule. Otherwise it sets the &KILL_RPC switch.

Another way would be to write a Unix shell or perl script that runs under crontab and checks for the flag file. When it arrives, use the RC API to fire off the schedule.

Just a couple of ideas for you ...

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What system do you use for your batch processing on the mainframe. We have Trivoli and have a job which sends a script to the windows server where the caster job is kicked off via a VB script. Don't have all the ins and outs, we used to kick of dstrun with a dos script but version 7.6.x doesn't let us, so the new procedure. The job then becomes part of the nightly schedule including return codes.

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We do this by updating the botsched file on the report caster repository, however IBI does not recommend this.

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We use the mainframes remote shell process. We have lots of "Interface" jobs that run nightly and transfer/update our Oracle data base on Linux and IMS databases on the mainframe. For example a mainframe job might have the following steps:
  • Run Remote Shell to collect data from Oracle (this is WebFOCUS)
  • FTP collected data to mainframe
  • Update IMS
  • Collect data from IMS
  • FTP IMS data to Linux
  • Run Remote Shell to Update Oracle (again, this is WebFOCUS)

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