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How to handle larger string from HTML to FEX

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February 06, 2008, 10:20 AM
How to handle larger string from HTML to FEX
we are having a interface and fex files. Based on the selection of values in interface the reports will be executed. In one of the list box we have values around 2000.There is a possibility where the user can select 1000 to 2000 values. But while doing so we are getting error or EDACRASH.

The problem is the length of value getting passed from interface to FEX file. It seems its exceeding the size of varchar, since the multiple values are passed '444444' OR '777777'. Is there any possibility to increase the size of varchar that is used inside the FEX file or anyother options exist?

Anybody's prior experience or any prior forum postings?

Dev Studio 7.1.6,Report Caster 7.1.1,Servlet
Dev Studio 7.1.6,Report Caster 7.1.1,Apache 5.0.2,
Win XP

February 06, 2008, 12:15 PM
Darin Lee
It's your job to see if there are any prior postings - not ours. And if you do a search you'll see that there are limitations on the number of characters that can be passed in the URL. There are many suggestions available . Seems like changing the form action to post had some impact



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