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Passing parameters between HTML pages
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I had created a HTML page (created in HTML layout painter) with a textbox and push button.I have another HTML page(created in HTML layout painter) where i had a fex and chart. I need the value from the first HTML page (entered in text box) to next HTML page, in the second HTML page this value has to used as parameter for fex and chart. All this i did it in MRE 7.1.7

I am not able to get the value entered in first HTML page in to the second HTML page. Usually we used to catch the paramters from one HTML to another HTML by capturing the URL (using location.href),and using some javascript we can manipulate them.

But in the second html page i am getting URL like

Any idea how webfocus passes the parameters between pages? Or anyother method to capture the value in previous HTML page in to current HTML page using javascript?

Let me know how can i resolve this issue.


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Asking your question multiple times will not necessarily get you the answer that you require.

You have the answer yourself - and that is to use JavaScript to manipulate the location.href.

The URL that you have psoted is one from MRE and is different from Self Serve URLs so you will have to understand the additonal parameters in the URL.

Your question is not so specific to WebFOCUS as it is to HTML and JavaScript. The only relevance that it has to WebFOCUS is that the HTML pages were created using the WF toolset. The behaviour that you need to control is entirely HTML and JavaScript is your answer.


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