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Header Alignment for multiple lines

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April 10, 2008, 09:23 AM
Header Alignment for multiple lines

I have multiple lines for a header and need to align my Header to the Top
For eg.

Name: aaa Empid: 101
Address: #121,aaa st. deptid: D222
bbbst,nnnn dept_name: deere1

This is what I require, I have used alignment grid to get this, all works perfect, the only problem I encounter is when the adress flows to 2nd line, the title "Address" also moves down and I have a blank space. My problem looks as below.

Name: aaa Empid: 101
#121,aaa st.
Address: uuu deptid: D222
emailid: dept_name: deere1

I basically want help to figure out how best to do the formatting and remove the blank spaces between Name& Address , Empid and Dept id.

I am using HTML output.
Any help is welcome.


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April 10, 2008, 09:37 AM
I'm not sure what all you are asking, but You could Concatenate the fields to get rid of blank space.


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AM sorry for the confusion, My address is of A255 length, and it flows to next line, when put on a alignment grid and the header title "ADDRESS" also shifts down, How do i avoid that.

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Are you using the OVER command and these are really column headings not a header as in a report header?

This is a report heding a "SUBHEAD".
and i am not using Over command

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This is another attemp to explain my problem:

(-------)denotes blank spaces
This is in the Subhead of the report
and this is my requirement
Name: ---aaa ------------------Empid: 101
Address: #121,aaa st. ------deptid: D222
---------bbbst,nnnn --------dept_name: deere1

and This is what i get after using an alignment grid

Name:--aaa ----------------------Empid: 101
--------#121,aaa st.---------------------------
Address: uuu -------------------deptid: D222
--------------------------------dept_name: deere1
--------------------------------emailid: .

I want to know a possible answer to remove the blank places between name and address and Emp id and Dept id.

Hope this makes sense.

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If your formatting requirements are that specific, then I would recommend that you break your address field into component pieces using such subroutines as SUBSTR, GETTOK, etc. Then you can position the pieces exactly where you want them.

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If you are creating a subhead are you using
 <fieldname> or <fieldname 

The first reserves all the spaces regardless of data in the field, the second moves it close in in a sense concatenating at the last character.