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Creating master files
<Umar Farook S>
I need to read data from external file excel or csv.
Please help me out how to create a MASTER FILE for this one.
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What you ask is maybe a bit to complex to answer here on the forum.
I think what you need is a basic course.
We can help you but you need to know the basics.

Did you search on the tech support site or download the pdf files?

The book we have for just describing / creating master files is a big one.

See if you can start with that.


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You can start by using the Dev Studio Tool - "New" "Data File".

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Here is a link that will step you through the process. It is essentially configuring an ODBC connection.

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Nice pointer Gerry, but you are forgetting that some of these shops do not have maintenance and therefore cannot access TechSupport, so that they ask these questions on the Forum because it is a cheap method of getting training.

Why pay for it when we give it away for free??

But then you didn't really forget the maintenance issue did you! lol Wink


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See my reply here.

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<Umar Farook S>
you have used TAB delimiter I am using COMMA as my delimiter
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Tony you hit it spot on.

A message from the darks side, there is!
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