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[CLOSED] Webfocus debugging help with line number
I'm a new user of Webfocus.

When getting an error message such as


Is there an easy way (or any way) to determine what/where line 78 is?

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AM also a new user to webfocus.
As far as I know if the error is in Stylesheet then need to count the line number from
on table set style * (consider this is line no zero)

But if the error is occured other than stylesheet, i am also looking how to find out the exact line number where the error occured.
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Try PFE, it's free-ware. PFE stands for Programmer's File Editor. I believe you can get it from this address:

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Textpad is widely used by focus developers for editing fexes. line numbers included; but remember, the line number reported in the error message is not always the line number in the fex.
Your fex may call subroutines, etc, which increase the line count.
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Is it really hard to add line number in Developer Studio? It's really useful from my experience and it's a standard feature for most of development interface. Please.
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While we're waiting for line numbers to appear to the left of the code, sometime after v7.6.5 the cursor line and column number was added to the bottom right section of the status bar in the editor window, which is somewhat helpful. Or just configure a real programmer's text editor (EditPlus is my fave, and I'm looking into Aptana Studio).


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