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[CLOSED] Change Chart Labels at Runtime
I have a heatmap where via auto-prompted parameters that user can change the measure and change the X and Y axis dimensions.

The Y Axis and X Axis are setup the same, with the code for the Y Axis as follows:


All this works fine, but I need to change the labels to reflect their selection. I believed the way to achieve this was by altering the above code as follows:

BY &RP_FL02B01_Sort2.( <Business Line,J2.INVOICES.BUSINESSLINEDESCRIPTION AS 'Business Line'>,<Conglomerate,CLIENTS.CLIENTS.DEFConglomerateDesc AS 'Conglomerate'>,<Client,CLIENTS.CLIENTS.CLIENTNAMEANDID AS 'Client'>).Select Breakdown.

This in fact works when I execute the chart. However, it apparently breaks something as I am no longer able to open this in the App Studio GUI, as I get an error stating "The following field was not found. J2.INVOICES.BUSINESSLINEDESCRIPTION A S 'Business". The rest of the message was cut off. It then asks me if I would like to select a different field, the result of which is that I am presented with a field list.

I then attempted achieve this by entered the following under *GRAPH_JS_FINAL

yaxis: {title: {text:'Business Line',}},
xaxis: {title: {text:'Years',}}

My plan was to replace the actual text with a variable that I would set based on user selection. However, while the above changed the xaxis label it does not change the yaxis label. Why it works for one and not the other I cannot say.

In any event, I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks all

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Since no one has been able to suggest anything I recommend you open a case with techsupport.

Thank you for using Focal Point!

Chuck Wolff - Focal Point Moderator
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