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[CLOSED] Report Library - No email notification being sent
We recently migrated to WebFOCUS 8.2.01m. We have Report Library schedules with Library Access Lists where we need an email distributed when a new file is added to the Library.

The Library folders are set up in a Published folder called "Library Content", but the library itself is NOT Published. (I've tried it as published AND not published).

In the Report Library schedule, I have the Access Option set to 'Shared with' and the Access List selected, which is stored in my Report Caster Content folder. The Caster folder is published and the access list is shared. I have the 'send email after report saved to library' box checked.

When the schedule is run, the report is saved to the library, but no email is sent to the Access List. I am currently the only user in the access list.

When I view the log, this message appears:

"Library access option 'Shared according to Library Access List' is not applied because the library report is 'Published'."

Again, the library report folder is NOT published, but I have tried it as published as well.

In our previous version of WebFOCUS, 8.0.09, we stored Library reports in a similarly named folder, "Library Content", all of the library folders were published, in the Caster schedule we could select the 'Shared with' option to an Access List, enable the e-mail notification, and it worked fine.

Since I am the creator/owner, if I select the 'Private' option in the Caster schedule in 8.2.01m, I do receive an email notification.

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Hi Susan

Since no one has been able to provide any guidance on this I suggest you open a case with techsupport if it is still an issue.

Thank you for using Focal Point!

Chuck Wolff - Focal Point Moderator
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Hi Susan

I ran into this recently.

If you use a library ACL as a means for access to a library then it needs to stay unpublished. Once you publish it you "break" the whole point of the ACL.

The ACL selectively publishes the file to those on the ACL. To everyone else they won't see it because it's unpublished.

The problem here is you are publishing the library. Leave it alone after you apply the ACL to it and all will be well.


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