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[SOLVED] Deployment location for web files ? (Maintain)

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May 22, 2009, 05:11 AM
Dave Ayers
[SOLVED] Deployment location for web files ? (Maintain)
Currently we have both the WF 7.6.4 Client and Reporting server on the same machine, but that will change. And I'm confused about where our web files (.htm, .js, .jpg, etc.) should be deployed.

I see some indications of web components being stored in:

Yet, Developer Studio deploys my web files to /aproot (/ibi/apps/), even through the remote Environment is setup with the default HTML Alias of '/ibi_html'.

I've looked to the documentation, and done searches, without finding a clear indication.

So which is the recommended location for web component deployment: /ibi_html, or /approot ?


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May 22, 2009, 09:13 AM
The web components should be deployed to approot on the client machine. You should never store customer-specific files in ibi_html as that is a vendor directory, is often locked down to the user, and there would be heck to pay at upgrade time.

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May 22, 2009, 09:27 AM
Dave Ayers

Thank you for a clear statement on the issue !!


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May 29, 2009, 07:56 AM
Dave Ayers
I've deployed my self-service apps to /approot/ folders, but WebFocus seems to think that the web components should be in /ibi_html/ !

The menu pages, .fex's with -HTMLFORM's, reference image and static .htm files by their file name alone. And they are all in the same folder, say /ibi/apps/menu/. When I run the first 'page', the images are missing, and the links don't work. When I check the expected path for the missing files, they come up as /ibi_html/menu/filename ??

I tried inserting a SET BASEURL = 'http://localhost:8080/approot/menu/', but that only seems to work for the one page, and not the next. I hesitate to put it in edasprof until I understand what is going on, and I'm not close to that state yet !

Can someone help me figure this out ?


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June 05, 2009, 03:41 PM
Hi Dave,

Has this been resolved on your side?

I passed this to internals and here is the suggestion: since it looks like the deployment scenario has been changed AFTER the development, please open a case with techsupport so it can be worked out exactly what you need.



Kerry Zhan
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June 05, 2009, 07:24 PM
I have little or no experience in deploying.
Reason is that most of the maintains I create are created on my PC in a vmware image, and then also in a non-networked environment, stand-alone so to speak.
When the maintain is finished, I put everything on a usb stick and copy it over to the target system. This can be a unix based system or another windows based - anything basically that runs the webfocus version of maintain.
Only thing I look out for is that the two environments are exactly the same in terms of pathing. It always works for me...


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June 05, 2009, 09:31 PM
Dave Ayers
This is solved, I think Smiler

I did a lot of reading and experimenting with the old code I'm working with to migrate from AIX 5.3 to Win 7.6 (with the techniques of a number of previous developers with different experience and skill..)

The linking boiled done to

Embedded Links in WF Menu program files:
Static, or WF called .htm:

-HTMLFORM in .fex:
location.href = "../approot/appname/menu3.htm

Focexec TABLE:

I didn't want any absolute URLs, so the code would be more portable, so all these references are relative, but based on the IBI approot, respected by both the web server and reporting server. Notice that we have consolidated our image 'library'. Maintain images are a different story, and addressed in a different thread here.

The deployment is not a problem now, it all goes to /approot/ !

And, when we have the Client on another server, we just create a 2nd deployment scenario for only the web components, to /approot/ on that machine.

/ibi_html is out of the loop for our self-service applications. And I'm much more comfortable with that.

So far things are working out fine, but I'll add any new wrinkles if we run into them.

I'm starting to notice that the App Dir./ Project folder approach that IBI and Dev. Studio takes is not very conducive to shared resources...


WebFocus/Maintain 7.6.4-8
on Win2000 and 2003 Server