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[CLOSED] Calling IBM Sort in a Focus session ( MVS CALL)

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September 30, 2010, 10:37 AM
[CLOSED] Calling IBM Sort in a Focus session ( MVS CALL)
I very much enjoy the automatic Call of External Sort by Focus for his own needs.
But, here, my point is to call The IBM Sort under Focus (MVS CALL) for other purposes than optimizing Table File.
SYSIN is the conflicting point between Focus and Sort. I Would enjoy Help, for instance as how to use DFSPARM and/or SORTCNTL instead of SYSIN , or any other hint to reach the goal...
I am close to this Goal ( SORT reads DFSPARM first, but keeps going With SYSIN. And Focus Syntax very much surprises the Sort )
In a previous life, I had a tiny PL/1 Program that isolated Sysin from the Sort (It used SortCntl and not Sysin). But I'm not, now, supposed to developp PL/1 programs
 FOC0055:PROC OPTIONS(MAIN);                               
 DCL RETCOE BIN FIXED(31,0);                               
 DCL MAXSTOR                    BIN FIXED(31) INIT (0) ;   
 DCL PARM1 CHAR(0) ;                                       
 DCL PARM2 CHAR(5) INIT(' END ');                          
 DCL (PLISRTA,PLIRETC) BUILTIN;                            
 DCL (PLIDUMP) BUILTIN;                                    
 DCL (UNSPEC) BUILTIN;                                     
 UNSPEC(MAXSTOR) = '00000000'B !! UNSPEC('MAX') ;          
 CALL PLIRETC(RETCOE);                                     
 END FOC0055;                                              

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October 07, 2010, 12:39 PM
Hi Baillecl,

Per our technicals: this is more of an IBM issue. FOCUS has to create SYSIN. That is what we use, so if DFSORT is using SYSIN, maybe IBM has a way to avoid it, so please check with IBM.



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