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File Editing Location
I have "non-standard" WebFOCUS file types (such as .css, .js, and .asp) in my self-service project. When I open them for editing (in TextPad), I notice that the location for the edited file is now my temp dir, rather than the project dir (I'm working locally).

Why is that? Is there a setting that will allow me to edit these types of files and save directly back to the project location from within Dev Studio? Otherwise I have to open the file directly from the file system. We're using Dev Studio V 5.2.4

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Spoke to DevStudio PM and he said:

This is not available in Developer Studio 52x.

A new feature is implemented in Developer Studio 532 and allows a developer to use an editor of their choice, as registered with specific file types with the O/S.

A new option is available in the file context menu where the developer can select to open a file with the registered editor, for example to "Edit in TextPad, Notepad etc.". This option can be used to edit WebFOCUS specific files or other file types visible within a WebFOCUS Application/Project.

In 532 when you open a file in Developer Studio with an external editor, you will notice that the file save location points to the Windows temp directory. This is an interim step as the external editor requires an O/S location to save the file changes and is not aware of the IBI File System structure (IBFS:/...). Developer Studio at the same time will save the file in the specific WebFOCUS Application/Project where file was opened from.

Hope that helps.

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I'm not working locally, but on the server.
I can open my stylesheets from
Data Servers

And the editor defaults to the Dev Studio editor and my changes get saved to the proper location. However, it doesn't work from the Projects area.

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