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Sad news - Alan B
Today I heard the very sad news that a dear friend and colleague had passed away.

Alan B was a long time member of both the Focal Point Forum plus it's predecessor - FOCUS Listserve, and had been in the FOCUS community for well over Thirty Years.

Always ready to assist those who asked a question on these pages, Alan was very skilled in core FOCUS/WebFOCUS. He was also well versed and skilled in the Maintain product.

Alan also worked closely with IB in the UK and was a valued partner in many projects that we completed and I know that my IB colleagues will miss him.

Sleep well Alan from all your friends at IB UK, our condolences to those whom you leave behind.
Posts: 5694 | Location: United Kingdom | Registered: April 08, 2004Report This Post
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Coders heaven has become a better place...


Prod:WebFOCUS 7.6.10/8.1.04Upgrade:WebFOCUS 8.2.07OS:LinuxOutputs:HTML, PDF, Excel, PPT
In Focus since 1984
Pity the lost knowledge of an old programmer!

Posts: 6347 | Location: 33°49'23.0"S, 151°11'41.0"E | Registered: October 31, 2006Report This Post
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Condolences to Alan B's family and colleagues.

Whether it be helping to solve problems, or showing ways to do things in less time, by supporting us to build better systems Alan left the world a better place.
Posts: 822 | Registered: April 23, 2003Report This Post
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He will be missed.

He was always an excellent voice on these boards. I've learned a lot from him over the years.

Eric Woerle
8.1.05M Gen 913- Reporting Server Unix
8.1.05 Client Unix
Posts: 750 | Location: Warrenville, IL | Registered: January 08, 2013Report This Post
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Thank you, T, for letting us all know.

In Focus since 1979///7706m/5 ;wintel 2008/64;OAM security; Oracle db, ///MRE/BID
Posts: 3811 | Location: Manhattan | Registered: October 28, 2003Report This Post
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My condolences to Alan's family. He was one of the smart ones.


Give me code, or give me retirement. In FOCUS since 1991

Production: WF 7.7.05M, Dev Studio, BID, MRE, WebSphere, DB2 / Test: WF 8.1.05M, App Studio, BI Portal, Report Caster, jQuery, HighCharts, Apache Tomcat, MS SQL Server
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A true master of our technical world, Alan B, we will truly miss your voice...

WebFOCUS 7.7.03 & 8.0.7
HTML, Excel, PDF, etc.
Also, using Maintain, etc.
Posts: 83 | Registered: February 26, 2009Report This Post
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That is sad news indeed. My condolences to Alan's family.
I remember him as a warm and helpful person. He'll be missed.


- Using AS 8.2.01 on Windows 10 - IE11.
in Focus since 1988
Posts: 1961 | Location: Netherlands | Registered: September 25, 2007Report This Post
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Indeed very sad. He was always willing to help on Focus issues and of course the Telegraph Cryptic crossword !! One of his little snippets he imparted (along with loads of others) was that the shortest focexec that can be written is 2 lines ....

RIP Alan.....

*** WebFOCUS 8.1.05M ***
Posts: 196 | Location: London, UK | Registered: December 06, 2005Report This Post
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Very sad indeed.
I hadn't seen any postings for a few years and assumed that he had retired to "cultivate his garden", quoting Voltaire.
I hope there wasn't any suffering.
My thoughts to his family.
"May the heavens bring consolation".

In Focus since 1982
wf 8.202M/Win10/IIS/SSA - WrapApp Front End for WF

Posts: 1980 | Location: Tel Aviv, Israel | Registered: March 23, 2006Report This Post
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Sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know. Frowner
Posts: 1903 | Location: San Antonio | Registered: February 28, 2005Report This Post
Platinum Member
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Condolences to all.

WebFOCUS 7.7.05 (Someday 8)
Windows 7, All Outputs
In Focus since 1983.
Posts: 103 | Registered: April 27, 2011Report This Post
Gold member
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Sorry to hear that. I probably was one of the last ones that benefited from Alan's expertise on Focal Point last year. My condolences to Alan's family, friends and everyone on Focal Point.

WebFOCUS 8.0.09
App Studio 8009
Linux Kernel-2.6
DBMS: Oracle 11g
all output (Excel, HTML, AHTML, PDF)
Posts: 90 | Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Registered: July 01, 2010Report This Post
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So sorry to hear this. Sending condolences to Alan's family and friends. He was always so helpful and will be missed.

Kathleen Butler
Information Builders
Posts: 391 | Location: New York | Registered: September 20, 2006Report This Post
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