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[CLOSED] navigateToPage in an Active report?

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February 07, 2020, 11:48 AM
[CLOSED] navigateToPage in an Active report?
Hey Folks,

I am trying to use navigateToPage in an Active Report. It doesn't seem to do anything though. I'm also using DRILLMENUITEM so that the user can choose what report they want to drill too. That bit seems to be working fine though. More specifically, when I use a FOCEXEC command in the DRILLMENUITEM everything seems to be fine.

I used navigateToPage and DRILLMENUITEM in a JSCHART bar chart, and it all works fine there. The DRILLMENUITEM uses a FOCEXEC and a navigateToPage with no problems. And I think I'm doing the same thing in the AHTML. But now I'm starting to think that Active reports don't play nice with navigateToPage. Does anyone know? I've tried to google this with no success.

In case it helps, I included the following code (the 'Exception Details' is working but not 'Show Members')
	DRILLMENUITEM='Show Members', JAVASCRIPT=navigateToPage('Critical_Absence' 'Panel_5_2 Panel_4_6' \
		'TO_DATE' '&TO_DATE' \
), TARGET='_self',
	DRILLMENUITEM='Exception Details', FOCEXEC=IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Supervisor/Administration/officer_exceptions_details.fex(GROUPING='Sick' WHERECLAUSE='-INCLUDE IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Supervisor/Administration/Common/Where_Clause_List.fex' DISTRICT=&DISTRICT.EVAL PLATOON=STATION_NAME FROM_DATE=&FROM_DATE TO_DATE=&TO_DATE ), 

...and I added the following at the top too:
SET JSURLS = '/ibi_apps/tools/portalcanvas/iframeinterface.js'

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February 10, 2020, 06:56 AM


I think you should put the filter values in FOCEXEC instead of navigatetopage() function, also I think some values of navigatetopage() function are missing.

I have used this function in our portal and it worked for that scenario.