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Single Metadata multiple instance AS400 databases

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August 16, 2007, 01:36 PM
Single Metadata multiple instance AS400 databases
We are a recent installation of WebFocus. Although we are pulling data from multiple data sources one of the main platforms is an I series AS400. We had merged multiple AS400 databases on to that single box. So what we now have are
15 separate instances of the same data base libraries on the one AS400. My issue is when creating metadata over the data I would like to create it for one data base and then be able to dynamically select which instance the metadata points to by some programmable method.

Can this be done or do I need to create metadata for every instance of the database

DEV: WebFOCUS 7.7.02 OS: DB2, Universe
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August 16, 2007, 02:09 PM
You will note that along with the MFD file (.MAS) that describes the data fields, there is another file, the ACX (Access file). So for example if you have a description for a file named FRED, there is a FRED.mas, and a FRED.acx.
In the ACX file is the real name of the database. You can probably swap this file whenever you want to select the actual database.

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August 16, 2007, 02:43 PM
I see where it actually points to the system for connection. But it doesn't show the actual database (library) that it is pointing to. Again this in not different AS400s, it is 15 different libaries with the exact same files in each. All on one AS400.

DEV: WebFOCUS 7.7.02 OS: DB2, Universe
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August 16, 2007, 03:52 PM

you setup 1 connection for each of the 15 different databases. So, in edasprof.prf you have a total of 15 connections each with a differnt connection name. Then you set the connection to the one you want. You have to remove the connection from each of the acx files. I know that there are a few things you loose by removing the connection from the acx files. 1. Is that the server will not beable to connection to any of the data unless you set the connection to the server you want. 2. You may not be able to use and tools like report assist, graph assist, etc.. unless the connection is first set.

Hope this helps


If each description in each library points to a different Table name in the database, then this tablename if what you put into the ACCESS file. Look at the parameters for the ACCESS file in the Developer Studio for one of the files, or look at the Doc for Access files.

Release 7.6.9
Joe, the as400 wizard at ibi is {name deleted on request of ibi}, if you open a case with css and ask that they contact their as400 expert for you, you'll get the best possible answer. I understand your problem, and i have a colleague who is better at as400 than yours truly, and i'll see him tuesday and ask him for you, in case you still need help by then. I assume they are DB2 files, otherwise you wouldn't be asking, yes?

i just remembered how i did this on an as400/db2 setup with multiple libs.
Each lib was assigned an arbitrary prefix, say A, B, C. Each file mfd and acx pair was named with that prefix:
then read together with a MORE statement
SUM whatever
WHERE statements
WHERE statements
WHERE statements
and that worked.
Atilla's idea , below, might be cooler.

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I wonder if you are able to create a logical over the 15 files/databases. We did it this way and than select the right databaseset (through the logical) based on the key.

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