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[CLOSED] Insert record into Oracle database table from html page

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May 08, 2020, 02:17 PM
[CLOSED] Insert record into Oracle database table from html page
I have a html page designed using the Webfocus HTML designer with two textbox and a button.

Objective: To save the entered texts into a table in Oracle database.

Searched the forum and found this solution. Tried implementing for just one column. I am calling this javascript function via the ' task & animations - onClick'

function add_row() {
new_row = document.getElementById("editbox1").value;
var request = '/ibi_apps/WFServlet?IBIC_server=EDASERVE&|IBIAPP_app=reports&|IBIF_adhocfex=MODIFY FILE SAMPLE_EXP_TEST%0D%0AFREEFORM NAME%0D%0AMATCH NAME%0D%0AON MATCH REJECT%0D%0AON NOMATCH INCLUDE%0D%0ADATA%0D%0A'+new_row+',$%0D%0AEND&|Rand='+Math.random();

if(request) {
var xmlDoc = getXmljQueryAjax(request)
} else {
alert("An error populating input control");

On button click the code executes, but there is no addition into the table. could someone please point what am I missing?

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May 08, 2020, 03:19 PM
FP Mod Chuck

Here is a link to how to use MODIFY. I don't think your example is valid as you have no rows of data... http://ecl.informationbuilders...ource%2Ftopic135.htm

Also I would put the MODIFY code in a fex that the html form references then you can also reference your edit box parameters for the data values you want to insert. The method of using a function may work but the other way is cleaner (just my opinion)

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