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[CLOSED] Dynamic Tree Control
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In my launch page i developed i used three columns of a table to dynamically populate the data in respective 3 list boxes..Using the chain option i linked listbox1 , listbox2 and listbox3.... These three listboxes are multiple selection..By Multipe selection of values in listbox1, I get the values in listbox2, and then i do the same to get the values in lintbox3 .. I finally multiple select the values in this listbox3 to parse in to a ampervariable '&productname'.. This amervariable is used for the "where" condition inthe report.

Can i have the same functionality using a tree structure and checkboxes in front of each value..
For example: If i check any of the value in first column..... the respective values in the 2nd column((or children) should be automatically checked and the respective values of the 3rd column(or children) should be automatically checked....

Can anybody please help me with this....

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Only with Javascript. I don't think there is any functionality for chaining using check boxes/radio buttons in WF. And I suspect this would be very difficult with Javascript as well because you don't know what values (or index of values) exist before dynamically retrieving them. In and case you would need some additional coding to get the actual field values instead of just "checked". I would stick with the list/combo boxes for that.



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