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Report Assistant title in Deferred Status

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October 15, 2004, 07:47 PM
Report Assistant title in Deferred Status
When we run a report using report assistant in deferred status, description(title of the report) would not be displayed, instead it will display the decription as "adhoc".

If more than one report is run at a time then it would be a confusion unless and until u see the report content or timestamp when the report is run, you would not exactly know which report is what. Is there any way to display the title of the report in the description column in the deferred status page?

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.
October 21, 2004, 05:27 PM

I figured out. When you open report assistant and click run deferred it would give the title as ADHOC. In order to display the title of the report, you should get out of the report assistant and then rightclick and select run deferred option. It would give the title of the report then.

October 22, 2004, 05:52 PM
Thanks RB for following up on this one..... I'm sure one of my customers would eventually be asking about this issue... you've saved me some work.....