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Oracle Materialized View
Silver Member
Can we create a MAS file from a materialized view? When I use the tool to create mas files (or synonyms) it shows all of my tables except the table that stores the Materialized view. When I ask it to show me tables and views, I still get nothing.

Any ideas?

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Can't help directly on your question (After we migrated to 713 we are not able to create synonyms using the tool).
However accessing materialized views is definitely possible. We create the master files manually and access materialized views from WF.
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Thanks! Manual creation it is then...
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Might be an Oracle security thing that it's not putting the MV into all_tables. Try upping your privs to

select any dictionary

(if your dba lets you).

Have always wondered if there is a focexec on the server that corresponds to CREATE SYNONYM that can be modded to incorporate MV's.

Anyone know?

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posted Hide Post suggests you can do it manually until the issue is fixed im 7.6:



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I had problems with an Oracle materialized view (Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release where I got the error "(FOC1567) CREATE SYNONYM: DATASOURCE 'DATA_MV' IS NOT UNIQUE."

I worked with the DBA (this is a development environment) and looked at all of the possible reasons I could find - problems in comments, duplicate columns, etc., etc.

What finally worked was this:

The DBA made an Oracle VIEW of the Oracle MATERIALIZED VIEW. The WebFOCUS Metadata "Create Synonym" functionality finally worked on this.

So if you have access to the Oracle DBA, try having them make a View of the Materialized View.
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if you're using the 'create synonym' gui tool, you have to make sure the appropriate checkboxes are selected. it gives you an option for tables and views by default. a mat view isn't either of these.

We create synonyms all the time using the Mat Views.... but here's a little tidbit for you...the Oracle optimizer 9i or greater can use a Mat view implicitly if you query the underlying table...this helps if you have to aggregate a tremendous amount of data or have indexes with low selectivity (cardinality i think yall call it).

We use an IBM iseries and Materialized Query Tables (MQT) have been a blessing for our datawarehouse.

Also, your materialized view logs will speed up refresh time quite a bit too...definitely look into that if you're not 2 cents.

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Hi Jackson,
We use star schema and creat fact tables from JDEdwards. The dasboards performance is not impresive to the top management (6-7 fex).

I was reading about Materialized views and have the fillowing questions:-
- Can I create it based on the fact table or it should be joined with demensions?
-we update nightly so I like to truncate and then load the data to these view after finishing the fact tables in the data migrator, is this possible?
Please let me know.

7.6.4, OS/400 AS/400
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