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Cluster Join Tool
<Cody S.>
We have a database on SQl Server 2000 that is in a Star Schema structure (1 - FACT Table & Multiple Dimension Tables.)

I'm using the Cluster Join Tool in Dev. Studio to create the appropriate joins between my FACT table and two of it's related Dimension tables. This should produce one SQL SELECT statement that gets passed to the database for processing, but it is breaking the SELECT into multiple statements. This is inefficient because it's bring a lot of data back to the WebFocus reporting server to then put the data together instead of doing this in the database.

Question: Has anyone been able to create successful joins between tables within a Star Schema structured database with this tool?
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<Pietro De Santis>
Yes, I have managed to create a Cluster Join with tables in a Star Schema DB. By default, when the join tool is used, it creates a non-unique, or one-to-many, join structure (TO ALL, double arrows). I'm not too well versed with SQL, but perhaps this is causing the split select statements? If possible, change the double arrows to single arrows.

I hope this helps.
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<Cody S.>
Pietro, this works perfectly! Thanks for the help!
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