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[CLOSED] App Path
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We have 7.7.03.

Our BI department has been discussing how to setup our synonym structure and what should show be set as the order of the paths applications will search for objects. We were surprised to find that for the MRE Domain infoassist is restricted to the application path explicity selected via the MRE properties of the domain. Is this correct that infoassist does not follow the application path, but fexes we create will use the application paths/application path order set on the reporting server?


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we set the app path for each individual user.
we use the user's directory in MRE
and write a fex there that is named the user's logon id. so jones.fex, for example.
then we set it so that this fex is run automatically everytime the user runs anything.
in that fex, we have APP APPENDPATH app1 app2 ...
so that in info assist they have whatever masters/apps we want them to have.
There are such things as user profiles, (jones.prf, eg) that do the same thing, but i never figured out how to use thm.

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Managed Reporting and therefore InfoAssist use the APP PATH set on the Reporting Server, UNLESS you (or a Managed Reporting Admin) specify a specific APP PATH for a Domain.

This allows you to over-ride the default APP PATH and allow/limit a specific APP folder(s) for a particular Domain. The fexes in that domain are restriced when being created and when being run.

Check out the Security Manual for more on this option.

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