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[CLOSED] Excel Named Ranges (IN-RANGES) question

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September 14, 2010, 05:00 PM
[CLOSED] Excel Named Ranges (IN-RANGES) question
I have used the IN-RANGES command to name the body or title as a whole, but i would now like to breakup the data into different named ranges (either by rows or columns) to make it easier to apply some macros.

TYPE=DATA, IN-RANGES='RegionalSales', $

Is there a way to do this in WebFocus or should i continue to build named ranges in VB ?

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WebFocus 7.11/7.6
September 14, 2010, 06:02 PM
Am I missing the point or wouldn't that be an extra BY or ACROSS field ?


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September 14, 2010, 08:00 PM
Named ranges in excel allow you to define an area on a worksheet and reference that are in a macro. This makes reference subsets of data for charts or grouping in a macro much easier.

WebFocus 7.11/7.6
September 15, 2010, 03:35 PM
M Meagher
Could you show a little more code for this example? I cannot solve your problem, but I am interested in how you used IN-RANGES.