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Display of Column Title in PDF
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I'm facing an issue in the display of the column Title in every page of the PDF report.I need the four hold files to be displayed in a single page and the column title of the first hold file should be repeated only on the top of the page.

I have tried the following

product Sales cost dealer cost retail cost


Hold file 1
ON TAble PCHOLD Format PDF Open

Hold file 2
On table PChold format PDF NoBreak

Hold file 3

On table pchold format PDF nobreak


Hold file 4

On table pchold format PDF close

Is there any way to make the column title to display in the top of the pages?

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Basically what you want to do is leave column titles on in the first report then all of the columns in subsequent reports should have AS ''
after them to remove all column titles.

If all of the reports/hold files have the same columns, you might want to see oif you can concatenate all the hold files and produce a single report which would accomplish the same thing. You can concatenate tables using MORE syntax or USE statements. They're both well-documented.



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Put your column titles as a heading then if you run into more than one page they will be on the top of every page. Also, use the AS '' so that they do not print a second time.

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