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Information Builders Wins Top Customer Service Award - ABA
**Information Builders Wins Top Customer Service Award in 8th Annual American Business Awards**

Dear Customers,

Information Builders is proud to announce that Stu Madison, Vice President of Corporate Technical Support Services, won the 2010 Stevie Award for "Customer Service Executive of the Year".

Stevie Awards were presented in more than 40 categories including Best Overall Company of the Year, Executive of the Year, and Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year. More than 2,700 entries from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration.

Press Release

Thank you for being an Information Builders Customer and making Focal Point a great forum. We take great pride in serving our customers.

Kathleen Butler
Customer Care and Communications Manager
Information Builders
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Stu won a Stevie at the Marquis - congratulations!


Give me code, or give me retirement. In FOCUS since 1991

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Congratulation to Stu, that's awesome news!

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Congratulations Stu!

I have to agree that IBI has the best customer service of all the software vendors that I work with and this award is highly deserved. The only way this could happen is with the outstanding leadership that you display every day.

Thank you for all & keep up the good work!

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