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Folc$hold issue

Iam trying to copy the User specific .mas and .foc files to a specific location. Is there any way to derive the path alone that is (APP HOLD DIR's path) dynamically instead of using APP HOLD DIR.

For example:

-UNIX cp A B /opt/webfocus/qa/ibi/apps/holddir


A&B->are the file names
location: /opt/webfocus/qa/ibi/apps/holddir

But this location is variable that is when iam moving the code to different
regions, the location changes to



Hence can this path be derived dynamically? Also the regions i need to move the
code to has the same hostname.I have tried using EDAPATH as well as USERPATH to derive the path but still its working.
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This sort of variable can be set in the site.wfs file as it's per installation.

Use the search facility above right to search for "site.wfs" to find earlier discussions.


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You can also try APP MAP and APP COPY commands with Dialogue Manager variables.

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Another option is to have an INCLUDE in each environment (dev, test, uat, qa, etc.) that sets the value of these types of variables. Then, you just bring in the INCLUDE as needed in your Fex. Once you have all environments covered, you rarely need to change these INCLUDEs.

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dipesh, i have that covered here. I use a -include to a configuration file that covers all the environments, and if there is a change it is rather simple rather than having to look all over the system for it.

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If each environment that you are using uses the above folder locations as you specified then the APP ROOT would by /opt/webfocus/uat/ibi/apps on one environment and /opt/webfocus/xat/ibi/apps on the other.

Since holddir is under the apps folder (same location under the APP ROOT) then this is not an issue and you do not have to setup another variable.

Simply state APP HOLD HOLDDIR in your program (though I don't suggest this since multiple requests at the same from the same server time would start writing over each other) and your good to go.

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