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March 22, 2017, 09:53 AM
I was wondering if someone could help me with an error I have when creating an HTML page. When I run the page, I receive an error "Message from webpage" "error loading of the file".
When I go back to look at the HTML code, I always see that the HTML composer (AppStudio) does something screwy with how the line breaks after 34000 or so characters. Can someone tell me how I can get around the GUI doing this? I've tried removing the line break manually, but that does not seem to do anything. Unfortunately I don't know enough about HTML to troubleshoot very well.
I have a page with 13 charts and about 16 different controls. In the code below, I recreated this error by putting a bunch of dynamic controls from the car.mas file. Warning, AppStudio likes to crash of you try to "open" this file after saving, so save any work beforehand.

< !DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">
var szHtmlAlias="/ibi_apps/ibi_html";var is_mobile="false";var szRunTimeHtmlAlias="runTimeHtmlAlias";var cgipath="cgipath";var ib_composer="ib_composer";var map="ib_composer_map";var grid="ib_composer_grid";var ibiOptions = new Array(cgipath,ib_composer);var nlsScript="/javaassist/nls.js";var glbScript="/javaassist/ibi/html/js/ibigbl.js";var replacePart="";
var scriptTemplate='<script src="'+replacePart+'" type="text/javascript"><\/script>';if(typeof(szRunTimeHtmlAlias) === 'string' && szRunTimeHtmlAlias.indexOf('/') == 0)szHtmlAlias=szRunTimeHtmlAlias;document.write(scriptTemplate.replace(replacePart, szHtmlAlias + nlsScript));document.write(scriptTemplate.replace(replacePart, szHtmlAlias + glbScript));<script type="text/javascript">
if(typeof ibigblloadCss === 'function'){ibigblloadCss(null);addIntlTranslatedJS("composertrans.js");}else {alert("JavaScript alias '/ibi_apps/ibi_html' is not valid.");window.location("about:blank");}HtmlPage<script type="text/javascript">

//Begin function window_onload
function window_onload() {


// TODO: Add your event handler code here
//add onInitialUpdate() function to make changes before initial run of the reports
//End function window_onload
< !--//confidential_id=focus_xmlelement

< ![CDATA[]]>< ![CDATA[]]>< ![CDATA[]]>< ![CDATA[]]>
< ![CDATA[]]>

< ![CDATA[]]>
< ![CDATA[]]>

--><script type="text/javascript">
if(typeof updateHeadElements === 'function'){updateHeadElements();}

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Sorry to say, but several of us believe that App Studio v8.0.08 is not a usable development tool. The fact that HTML Composer does not put line-breaks at the end of closing HTML tags is one of many reasons why we feel this way.

One possible solution: While we were test-driving App Studio v8.0.08, I noticed that there were no line-breaks, so I opened the file in my favourite text editor (EditPlus), then opened a new blank HTML file in EditPlus, then selected all lines from the App Studio-opened file, copied and pasted into the new empty file. Suddenly it seemed hidden line-breaks were recognized by EditPlus. Then I copied the code from the second file back to the first file and saved.

Then I tested opening the file in the GUI and despite the warning message it seemed to open properly. Of course the line-breaks disappear and you might have to do the while rigmarole again.

This is one of the many reasons we stuck with Dev Studio v8.0.08.


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Thanks Francis. I have indeed tried that with my text editor (UltraEdit) and it didn't seem to have any effect on it. I even tries to run the "HTML Tidy" function in UE and it didn't work. Maybe I'll have to check out EditPlus. Frustrating. Thanks

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"HTML Tidy"

Sounds interesting


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Pity the lost knowledge of an old programmer!

Originally posted by Waz:
"HTML Tidy"

Sounds interesting

It does make it MUCH easier to read.

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I agree with Francis. I would stick to dev studio with version 8.0.08. App Studio 8.1.05M is a much more stable version.

The bad news is that once you have saved a html file with App Studio it can not be opened with dev studio.

Thank you for using Focal Point!

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I would, but I'm a new guy who has most of my experience using AppStudio. I think we're close enough to 8105 or 82 that I'll try to forgo learning a "new" application Smiler Thanks

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If you want to view/edit the text, try doing so from the web rather than through App Studio. I'm on 8.1.05M, but that works better for me.

Then, if you want to make it a little more readable, copy to Notepad++, or your favorite too, and do a regular expression search and replace with something like the following:

Search:(>) *(<)

Doing so will, in my version, break one Javascript string near the top of the file. You'll have to re-join those two lines, and then you should be on your way. . .

Note to IBI: We shouldn't have to do this. It makes this customer cross.

- Rob

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Thanks for the tip Rob, I'll keep that in mind.

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