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html layout painter question
Gold member
I am inserting my report in a frame using HTML layout painter. Because of the different browser settings for different people, the text is not getting diplayed properly for the parameters.

For example: I have a parameter for Employee ID
Enter employee ID and then a text box.

This appears fine in my screen.

but when a user with different browser setting opens the html page, the space between
"enter employee ID" and the text box is not consistent. They run in to each other.

How do I get the same look and feel for different browser settings?

I tried putting the parameter in a table but now the report does not run.
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I don't know if there is a solution to that. We have the same issues in that at the University we're supposed to have the BID work for IE and Mozilla Firefox. Turns into a nightmare at times.

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Ah, the joys of cross browser support!

Anyone remember a few years back when only IE was supported Wink

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Ah yes Tony. 7 years ago we only supported IE, and now the upgrade path to Cross Browser support from there is impossible. It is cheaper and simpler to do a complete rewrite of the system. I have to support ALL browsers, so many of the IB tools cannot be utilised.

Ah, the joys of Maintain in Opera and Safari.

Even using self service, it is hard work to get full cross browser support working even without WebFOCUS involved. It is all hand coding, no tools available on the market can really make fully compliant, W3C standard, web pages.

The layout Painter uses CSS position:absolute, and therefore, if a user changes the standard settings of a browser, objects can (and do) overlay each other. This could be alleviated somewhat by using the em unit of measurement rather than px. Also, it does not support tables, which could help, though I am not a supporter of tables for page layout.

So for RB, there is the old fashioned trial and error of layout. For example, instead of having label text to the left of an edit, place it above, so that larger/different fonts, will have a lesser impact on the layout, and when developng try different browser settings when testing.

WF 7.705/8.007
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