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Quick Query

Can somebody throw some light on Quick Query of WebFocus?

What is it? Where we can use it for? Is it in built given by WebFocus Suite? or is it a Customized application , which one needs to develop over WebFocus?

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Quick Query was created by an Information Builders field employee and is an easier to use form of ad-hoc. I like to describe it as bridging the gap between parameterized reports and report assistant. It has less functionality than RA, but also a simpler, drag and drop interface that offers much of the same functionality. QQ is essentially a custom app designed using focus/webfocus so it is completely customizable to a customers look and feel and other considerations. I had heard that this was going to be a checkbox as part of the standard installation in 5.2.4 but that may not be true. In any event it will be soon.
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Hai Porter

Thank you for the Quick Response.
But can we have the following Options.
1. Drill Down Functionality
2. Having multiple type of charts.
But Quick query has been extensively written in FOCUS language.Is there any Documentaion, i can get some help on those lines.

we have a requirement like this. we want to use quick Query in Self-service Application.We want
1.To provide the drill down functionality, also in the Quick Query.
2.Currently it is storing the Created report URL in an XML file in Client System. How can we store the same in Server.
3.we want to Provide the Option of Multiple Chart types.

How can we Solve the above problems?

Thanks in advance.

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<Laura Drezek>

The WebFOCUS Quick Query will not be integrated with the install. This is a separate application that is recommended sold with Professional Services included.

We are not adding new features to the Quick Query tool. This application is coded using FOCUS. Customers that know FOCUS or our Professional Services department can customize the application to add new functionality as they wish.

-Laura Drezek
Product Manager
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Gold member
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I'm not sure what you meant by "sold with Professional Services". We are going to be upgrading to 5.2.4 very soon. How would we go about getting this new app? It sounds like something we may be interested in. I do have one question though. Do you need to have MRE installed to use this quick query app?
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It is not a requirement that it runs from Dashboard (which is the front-end to MRE). There are two versions of the Quick Query product - one that can be run within MRE/UAS, one that can be run as self-service.

Hope this helps.

Big Grin
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<Inigo Montoya>

Quick Query is a WebFOCUS application that one would purchase. As Monica pointed out, it's even available for Managed Reporting. Your IBI Sales Rep should be able to get all the information (and demo) you would need.

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