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ibm's webquery
Does anyone know about this new Webquery product from IBM for their iSeries servers?

I've heard (from an IBM salesman) that it's built off of webfocus's stuff entirely.

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You might want to call your sales rep for a proper explanation. I believe that it is more of a web focus light. It is web focus, but it is not a full version. I do not know what is and is not included.

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Hi Jason, all,

FYI, DB2® Web Query for System i™ is a Web-based query and report writing product that replaces the IBM® Query for iSeries™ (also commonly known as Query/400) product. For more information, please check here:

Hope this helps. Smiler


Kerry Zhan
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IBM tells that :
"Add the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) feature to interact with the data through slicing and dicing and drill-down capabilities. For the end user on the go, choose the Active Reports feature to allow reporting without having to be connected to the server. Build simple dashboards or compound reports with the optional DB2 Web Query Developer Workbench. Use the Developer Workbench to hide the complexities of the database (for example, join logic) from end users through metadata."

It's not looks like light version.
Active Reports, BID - it's even more than WebFOCUS core services.

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