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Internal Error
We are getting a "Internal error" message while running some very large reports. Typically we found that thiscome when the no of records is around 20000. Is here a reason for this. Some server setting which limits the no of records that can be fetched ?

Thanks in advance
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The first thing I would check is the memory the application server is allowed to use. When I've seen this in the past, it came down to changing the default configuration of the J2EE app server (New Atlanta, Tomcat, etc.)

Start with the app server logs and go from there.
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Thanks all of you for suggestions. finally seem to have got rid of the problem.
Earlier we were trying to get the report output straight to the browser. For some reason this was failing ( Webserver configuration perhaps !)
We changed this to save the output in the format required to a temp folder and then accessed the html from there. And it worked !!!

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