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[CLOSED] Portals & PDFs
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I'm creating a portal and i would like to place some pdfs in under my content folder under specific areas. Mainly the pdfs will be troubleshooting guides or a pdf report that is already developed. Is there anyway i can do this?

I have tried to copy pdf over to the folder from the explorer window however i get an error.

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<Emily Duensing>
Right click the folder where you want it and select Upload - Document. Then you can select the document and upload it to the repository. ??? Using this utility ensures everything gets written to the underlying repository correctly. Since you didn't say the PDFs you wanted were WebFOCUS procedures or not, I am not totally sure this is what you need but you can give it a try.
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Are you, but also the future users entitled to the specific PDFs?
Is there a relation with the webfocus report and the name of the PDFs

We have for instance an application where documents are scanned, the doc gets a number and that number with a short description is available in a database.

Now I created a report that lists the document names and number and we can drill down to that specific scanned PDF.

But the basic is the user who should be able to open the document .

I started this project with the idea that webfocus should have these rights. But the key lays in the end user rights.


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