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[CLOSED] Calendar Not Appearing After Run HTML

I am creating a new HTML form.
I am adding a calendar object to the HTML as I always have, but when I run the HTML, the Calendar does not appear. This is a new client that I'm consulting at and there are existing HTMLs with Calendars in Proudction and they work fine. I have tried copying one to the development environment, but no luck.

In fact, I created a new HTML in Production and the calendar did not appear.

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Developer Studio 7.6.11
Reporting Server = Unix 7.6.8
Client = Unix
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<Kathryn Henning>
Hi Leo,

In your production and development environments, are you using the same release of WebFOCUS and the same browser and release? If so, what do you see where the calendar should appear? Are any error messages received?

Thanks and regards,

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I think I just experienced the same symptom, you are reporting.

Upon executing a HTML Composer created page, the calendar icon does not display, just the text box portion of the control.

I realized that the last thing I did was to, via the text editor, 'cut' the HTML Composer code out of one focexec (file) and 'paste' it into another.

When I then, instead, made a copy of the focexec using the file explorer, then that new version of the HTML Composer ran fine, in terms of the calendar object.

Please know I am a HTML Composer newbie, but I am thinking that 'cut/paste' editor tools is not an option, only copies through the file explorer should be used.

Pilot: WebFOCUS 8.2.06 Test: WebFOCUS 8.1.05M Prod: WebFOCUS 8.1.05M Server: Windows Server 2016/Tomcat Standalone Workstation: Windows 10/IE11+Edge Database: Oracle 12c, Netezza, & MS SQL Server 2019 Output: AHTML/XLSX/HTML/PDF/JSCHART Tools: WFDS, Repository Content, BI Portal Designer & ReportCaster
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How many calendar controls are you creating? What I have experienced with DEV Studio 8.0.3 is that when create two controls sometimes the text box of the second control overlaps the icon of the first contol. To remedy this just move the second control over and the icon should appear. DEV Studio 8.0.7 does not seem to have this issue.

WebFocus 8.0.3
OS Windows Server 2003
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