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[CASE-OPENED] App Studio 8.008 crashing?

Are there current users of App Studio 8008? I'm just wondering if you're experiencing *frequent* crashes of the application.

I'm running it on a 64-Bit Win7 Pro SP1 machine w/12GB of RAM so I don't think that it's my system that can't handle the app. I don't have a lot of other applications running simultaneously either.

Even while working on a simple report, it'll crash. Or I'm in the middle of adding a GIF file, it'll stop responding and crash.

I'm sure if I open a ticket w/IBI they would tell me to upgrade to 8009, but really don't have the time to keep upgrading WFRS, Client, Dev Stu, and App Stu.

Just curious if others are experiencing the same pains.


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I found 8008 pretty difficult to work with.

Not what you want to hear - but once I upgraded to 8009 - things got a lot more stable.

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So far today, dev studio has crashed on me 22 times. Why can't they stabilize this product? It happens every time I try to change from the design panel to the parameters panel. Every single time!!! This is so frustrating.
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They stabilized App Studio by making us upgrade to App Studio 8.0.09. Then they refreshed that version because it wasn't good enough.

I use Dev Studio 8.0.08 - it crashes but crashes less often than App Studio 8.0.08.


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