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Help with DATEDIF
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I need help from WebFOCUS gurus out there. I am trying to get the difference between two dates using DATEDIFF but gett wrong result. Here is the code that I am using.

-SET &AYM1 = EDIT(&XDATE_FRM_YYMM,'999999');
-SET &DATE_FROM=AYM(&AYM1,'-1','I6');

-SET &MON_BEG_DATE = EDIT(&DATE_FROM,'999999') | '01';
-SET &MON_END_DATE = EDIT(&DATE_TO,'999999') | '31';

When my month begining date is 20071001 and end date is 20080131, I am getting the difference as 299.


WF7.1.4 Prod/Test, MRE, self serve, DM
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I would ad some debug lines to your code to evaluate the intermediate results.

Start with


then at the end I would do some type commands

If you put in the last line

-SET &MONTH_DIFF=DATEDIF(20071001,20080131,'M');

What is the result? what you expect (4) than this line is ok. And so on.

Did you buy the book "Almost 1001 ...."


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databases: msSQL2000, msSQL2005, RMS, Oracle, Sybase,IE7
test: WF 7.6.10 on the same platform and databases,IE7

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Your problem is that DATEDIF works with FOCUS dates and not with LEGACY dates (which is what one has in Dialog Manager). Try the following:
-SET &MON_BEG_DATE ='200701';
-SET &MON_END_DATE = '200801';

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