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WF v 5.3 PDF issue
Platinum Member
Previously I had been working with version 5.2.6 and would recieve a pdf corrupted issues. I was informed that 5.3 was better equipped to handle compounded pdf's and an upgrade would be better.

I have done that and it seemed to work, but now I am recieving a PDF error that states "this file is corrupted and cannot be replaced."

Why does this happen? Can anyone help? Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you.
Posts: 178 | Registered: May 11, 2005Report This Post
Gold member
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I've run into same kind of error messages and usually there was an error in the code. Could you give an example fex?
Posts: 58 | Location: Sydney, Australia | Registered: April 22, 2005Report This Post
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Try running the fex without the ON TABLE HOLD FORMAT PDF command to see if there are any errors.
Posts: 10577 | Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 27, 2005Report This Post
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