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[CLOSED] Release 8.2.03
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we are testing the new WebFOCUS Version in the Moment (ours is 8105M). In our Portals we use JavaScript Elements. These are not working anymore (at least not the way they should be)
Is it possible that this is because of a new browser or Java or JavaScript Version that we need to download?

I can't find Information about that Release and the possibly new Versions which are required.

Or maybe someone already have the same issue? Where could be the "fault" - just the new WebFOCUS Version? would be sad..

Thanks for help.


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JavaScript is not Java and there is no JavaScript version to download - it's buil-in to the browser.

What do you mean "because of a new browser" - are you using a new browser?

The issues are most likely due to the new version of WebFOCUS. there are many discussions in FocalPoint of things working in one version and no longer working in a newer version.


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Do you jQuery, JS and IbComposer in your HTML pages? I've found that IbComposer does not play well with either jQuery or JS. If so, it depends how these commands are coded in each function. Try putting the IbComposer commands first.


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There should be some fixes to IbComposer in vesion 8202 to 8203. Which elements are not working for you?

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