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I have a launch page in the self service environment that has some list of values. The user can type the first letter of a word to select it. This works fine. However, the list of values if multi select enabled, so the user wants to type the first letter of the first selection, select it, then type the 1st letter of the second selection. This causes the first selection to be lost. Is there a way to keep the 1st selection, and then search for a second selection ?

WebFocus 7.11/7.6
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Not really WebFOCUS issue but more HTML controls. To my knowledge though, you will not be able to do what you are suggesting within a multi-select combo on an HTML form. The normal multi-select method is to hold the ctrl key down, but this would not work with key press location due to the various shortcuts in the browser apps (ctrl-f : find, etc. etc.).

Perhaps look at dumping each value selected into a hidden textarea and passing that?


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