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[CLOSED] Issues with IE10 and WebFOCUS
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I saw a closed post on issues with IE10 but I've already tried the suggestions, except for moving to fire fox.

We're having issues with IE10 also. It seems that not all form elements are being passed to the fex. I work with DevStudio on one of our servers which is running IE9, everything works great, but my laptop automatically upgraded to IE 10, the issue with not all form elements not being passed, I have issues with date fields not rendering properly, and scroll bars don't appear. Compatibility mode helped the date issue but that's it. I've tried setting Browser Mode to IE9, it didn't help at all, and every time you open a new browser you have to set this. Any tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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I may have missed something but I didn't find anything on IBI's tech support site that says IE10 is fully supported by any version of WebFOCUS. Everything I saw said to use compatibility moded with IE10, which IMO, means there is no guarantee that it will work. I suggest you drop back to IE9.

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I think you can force IE10 compatible to be IE9

 <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE9"> 

here is good read:-

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7.7.05 and above for IE10 compatibility. You can find all compatibility at the link on the Tech Support site (lower right side of the page).

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