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Is it possible to put a folder inside a folder in devstudio? I need to put a small masterfile folder inside my report folder. v5.3.3

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In release 7.7 (which I'm working with at the moment) it is possible to put a virtual folder within, for instance, the Procedures folder. Don't know if that is also possible in the 533 version that you mention. It's a long time ago that I worked with that version. Hasn't it been functionaly stabilized (no more support) recently?


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5.3.3 went end of life on 5/31/2009..we are working on upgrading. Thanks for the tidbit of info...I'll search around.
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APP MAP added to edasprof.prf

for example

APP MAP myfolder C:\ibi\apps\baseapp\myfolder
APP PATH ibisamp baseapp myfolder

You should then see myfolder in the application tree
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