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Webquery problem
Recently we upgraded to WebFOCUS ver 762. Webqueries we had in ver 711 don't work any more. I am getting error "Failed to get EDACONF from ibiweb.cfg ". Any help would be appreciated.


Production WebFOCUS 7.6.2, Platform Win2003, Database Oracle 10g
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There should be something wrong with your installation.
I would try to build a new webquery directly from WF7.6.2 and see if that is working.
If that is the case try to compare the URL from 7.6.2 and the one from 7.1.1.
We have webqueries, they are all working even after the migration.



WebFocus 7.6.5
AND WebLogic server as web server
sql2005 as database server
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Platinum Member
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Sounds like in 7.1 you were running CGI (ibiweb.exe) with WebFOCUS 7.6.x it doesn't get installed out of the box.

If that is the case you can change the CGI call to Servlet, or follow the install guide that'll tell you what you need to do to configure for CGI.
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