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Spedometer or Gauge Displays within WebFOCUS

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September 28, 2004, 11:24 PM
Spedometer or Gauge Displays within WebFOCUS
I've seen Century Corp. Illustrations from
a WebFOCUS v5.2.1 Developer Workshop. They discuss a Balanced Scorecard view showing four
areas of the business. In this example, it shows
Financial, Customer, Internal Process, and
Learning and Growth. Under each of these it shows a gauge which looks like a spedometer display
with the needle showing various graduations of
success (I supose). What I'd like to know is
1) Can this be done with WebFOCUS or do you have to acquire another product like dashboard?
2) If it can be done in WebFOCUS, how do I do it?
This presentation was done out of the Chicago Branch.
September 30, 2004, 02:39 PM
There are several ways to produce gauges using WebFOCUS. The gauge representation you are speaking of was generated using a DEFINE field that called a different gauge image based on a condition in the data. The DEFINE would look something like this:

GAUGE/A200=IF SALES GT 1000 THEN '<img src="http://machinename/image/gauge1.gif">' ELSE '<img src="http://machinename/image/gauge2.gif">';

In WebFOCUS 5.3. gauges are now available as a standard graph type within the graph tool in Developer Studio.

Additionally in WebFOCUS 5.3. we've added two new data visualization items. One of which is a gauge the other a dot representation of the data value.