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[CLOSED] How to create a URL to execute a report
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Hi All,

I have done all my reporting in MRE and have always given access to MRE to my users who could access the reports from MRE. However, now I have a requirement where I have to create a luanch page for a report which the clients could access, enter their own parameters and then run the report. How can I deliver the same report to the client who will not have access to MRE?

I have tried the publish utility, but it did not create any .htm page in the /ibi_html/publish directory.
I am using 7.6.9 version.

I appreciate any help

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Publish is one way.

Using BI dashboard, and the public view is another.

I would suggest looking into the reasons why publish is not working, as there may be unseen issues with your installation.


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First, I would warn you about setting things up like this because you are basically poking a hole in your secured MRE environment. That being said, we have found several reasons to do this for internal applications.

Here's a basic url:

item in between ~ are things that you would replace according to your environment. Notice that this includes a user id and password. If your WF server is operating with security on, there's no way around that part. You just need to figure out the best way to "hide" those things if it matters. The IBIMR_domain will be the domain information for the location wher the fex lives in MRE. You can look at the properties of the domain to get the info. Same with the IBIMR_folder and fexname. Last, but not least, there is a property in your client configuration that prevents external access to MRE procedures. I think it's call MR_ANONYMOUS_RUN_ACCESS or something like that. This must be enabled for you to accomplish what you're trying to do. Then the IBIMR_drill=RUNNID in the URL tells it you are running as anonymous.

Again, remember that you are changing your system's security so make sure that changes you make are not allowing unintended access somewhere else.



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