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[SOLVED] Do you lose master file Defines when you join?

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August 25, 2020, 04:21 PM
[SOLVED] Do you lose master file Defines when you join?
I know you lose Defines when you use a table in a join, i.e., Defines created earlier in the focexec.

Question -- do you lose the Defines created in the master file? I'm not in a position to test that right now.

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August 25, 2020, 06:42 PM
FP Mod Chuck
Hi John

I created a DEFINE in a fact table and joined it to a dimension table and the DEFINE was available for me to use when creating a report with App Studio.

Hope this helps you...

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August 26, 2020, 01:44 PM
It does, thanks.

I have a huge text field that parses into 200 separate fields, so having all the parses in the master files makes it super-easy to use everywhere.

August 26, 2020, 03:13 PM
I use DEFINES in masters all the time. They may go away with a JOIN CLEAR *, but as soon as you reference the master file again, they are back. Also, something I'm pretty sure was fixed a number of years ago, is that if you use the master in a recursive JOIN and use the TAG attribute the DEFINE respects the TAG now. When they first came out with putting DEFINEs in master, FOCUS/WebFOCUS would get all confused when referencing a DEFINEd field in a recursive JOIN.

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