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[SOLVED] IB Logo top left on home page
Silver Member
When you login to the new portal in 82 + versions of WF there is an information builders logo in the top left of the screen.

I'd like to remove that and brand the portal with a company logo.

I can see that the path to the applicable files is under:


I'd like to edit the home.css file to point to two new image files under images.

Problem is, the application is using some pre-baked files and appending a context in front of the css file:

http://server/ibi_apps/homepag.../resources/[prebaked something]/css/home.css

If I mess with the developer tools in Chrome I can get it to recognize the images, so I know it sees those. What I can't do is get it to point at my modified version of the home.css to actually USE those images.

Anyone found a way around this?


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create a banner image with your logos and replace existing babner image with new one. we have option in portal to replace the image.

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Instead of changing the css file, we just replaced the IBI logos located here (windows fs): \\[server]\[drive]\ibi\WebFOCUS82\webapps\webfocus\homepage\resources\images

You'll want to replace IB_icon.svg and IB_logo.svg .

We just renamed the existing files to IB_icon(old).svg and IB_logo(old).svg to preserve the original svg files. We then saved the svg logos for our company with the original file names and it worked great.


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If anyone is interested...Once you change the home.css file you need to clear the cache on your browser and then you will see the changes. RYANIPG13 - you did everything correct.

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