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[SOLVED] WebFocus Error Message

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July 03, 2009, 11:05 AM
[SOLVED] WebFocus Error Message
I am getting the following error
I am calling a stored proc from the report
which is taking some parameters.
When I execute the report i am getting following error.

"(FOC1400) SQLCODE IS 936 (HEX: 000003A8)
: ORA-00936: missing expression"

Any Help Would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance.

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July 03, 2009, 11:19 AM
without seeing any code it is impossible to even begin to suggest anything.

I do not believe there are any mind readers contributing to the forum
July 03, 2009, 01:28 PM
Check out to see if the file is locked out by another user... Or, if it's available... Or, if your connection is correct / available...
July 04, 2009, 01:37 AM
Here is the proc which is called by my fex file

v_str_select :='SELECT tf.taac_fund_n AS NAME_F,
tss.supp_sys_c AS SYSTEM_TRS,
'||p_shr_ty_c||' AS TYOE_SHRE,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_cert_shr_q),''N/A'') AS TEDNN_FICATE_GETRR,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_non_cert_shr_q),''N/A'') AS STAR_NON_FICATE_SETRR,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_pd_unstl_shr_q),''N/A'') AS DNIGN_SETTLER_SETTER,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_pend_shr_q),''N/A'') AS GETFII_DENFED_REFSED,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_pur_ord_shr_q),''N/A'') AS FRDEFG_IUTRN_ORUET_RESETRF,
DECODE(TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c),''DART'',TO_CHAR(tsbt.end_red_ord_shr_q),''N/A'') AS GEDND_DEMPTIONRED_RREDO_FRTYG,
'||CASE p_shr_ty_c
WHEN '''GTE''' THEN 'tsbt.supp_end_prc_shr_q'
WHEN '''GTDAR''' THEN 'tsbt.supp_end_rte_shr_q'
WHEN '''DREF''' THEN 'tsbt.supp_end_prc_shr_q + tsbt.supp_end_rte_shr_q'
ELSE 'tsbt.supp_end_prc_shr_q + tsbt.supp_end_rte_shr_q'
FROM t_supp_bal_trx tsbt,
t_fund tf,
t_supp_sys tss
WHERE tsbt.fund_sid = tf.fund_sid
AND tsbt.supp_sys_sid = tss.supp_sys_sid
AND tf.taac_fund_n IN '||CASE WHEN p_taac_fund_n = 'ALL'
AND TRIM(tss.supp_sys_c) = '||CASE p_supp_sys_c
AND tsbt.bus_cyc_d = '''||p_fund_bus_d||'''';

OPEN p_hxy_cer_f_rhs FOR v_str_select;

i m just using the string to execute in a curosr

This proc compiles fine in the sql Developer,but when i run the Report,
i am getting following error.

"(FOC1400) SQLCODE IS 936 (HEX: 000003A8)
: ORA-00936: missing expression"

Saying that it throwing an exception...
I think there must some quotation problem which the fex files are not able to identify..
but still i m not able to solve it..
What's wrong with this Proc..
I m really stuck with it..
Any help ASAP will be appreciated..

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July 06, 2009, 03:20 AM
I have no knowledge at all about stored procedures in Oracle, but I do wonder a bit if the syntax of wehat you posted is correct. Does it run outside of WebFocus - meaning if you use only the oracle tools to run it?
Reason I'm asking is when you start the select string there is an opening quote:
v_str_select := ' SELECT tf.taac_fund_n ....
Then this string is closed, a variable is inserted and is opened again:
'||p_shr_ty_c||' AS TYOE_SHRE,
And is ended again with:
' || CASE p_shr_ty_c
And at that point I loose track of the quotes.


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July 06, 2009, 06:53 AM
When I try and compile as a procedure I am getting errors.

Error(4,1): PLS-00201: identifier 'V_STR_SELECT' must be declared
Error(4,1): PL/SQL: Statement ignored
Error(40,1): PL/SQL: Statement ignored
Error(40,6): PLS-00201: identifier 'P_HXY_CER_F_RHS' must be declared

Are we missing a piece of your proc? have you declared V_STR_SELECT correctly?

Playing with the code what is very obvious is that your use of ''' and '' and ' appears to be a very big part of the problem.
just look at the code in SQL Developer and you will see that you have a lot of key word sytax highlighting where I suspect you
should not.

I would suggest that you create the procedure so that it runs as a real request Starting with the
SELECT and returning the required value and then turn it in to a write to be called via p_hxy_cer_f_rhs.

Also If I remember correctly you cannot open multiple cursors in Oracle.

You will require a two stage process write the procedure in SQL call 1
execute the required procedure with the name of the first as an input variable.
July 06, 2009, 07:29 AM
Hello Guys,
Thanks for your replys.
Actually this proc runs fine, as far as the variable v_str_select concerned, i have declared it correctly,
and then the variables which i am using starting from 'p_' (like 'p_shr_ty_c') are the parameters which i am passing to the proc.

But Anyway...
I have resolved the issue..thankx for ur information.
I was right that was the problem of quotes..
which i have corrected...and now my report runs fine...
Once again thankx for the support to all those who replied my post... including me....Smiler


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