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I have installed my webfocus server,client and developer studio.

how can i configure the repository to the database for storing the user,groups,roles and domains.

where we can find the utility to configure the repository database for Managed reporting Administration.


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<Emily Duensing>
What database are you using for your repository? During the installation, were there not questions that led you through setting up the db that you would be using for your repository?

Or are you using an external security mechanism and you need to configure WebFOCUS to use that? Or... are you needing to migrate users, groups, etc. from a previous release?

As you can see... more information is needed.
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You will find the setting in the MR admin console or inthe installation directory you can look for dserver.xmls that file is in encrypted form and you need to be careful.

As Emily mentioned you should get the prompts for repository settings during the install.

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Unfortunately the installation only prompts you for the details for the ReportCaster repository.

If you want to move Managed Reporting to use a RDBMS repository you will need to look in the Security Manual - you'll want to read both Chapters on Managed Reporting Authentication and Authorization, but the steps for setting it up are in the Authorization chapter.

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