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Null values
<Lee Roper>
I have a data file that has null values in a primary field. I do not want to set any records with a null value in this field. I tried the following: WHERE ( DEP_CDE NE ''' ' ) but it still pulls the records with the empty values. How do I eliminate nulls from my data set?

Thanks, Lee
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Gold member
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Have you tried

This should take care of null values for you.

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<Lee Roper>
It looks like my problem is going to be more complex than that. There must be a space of some sort in this field (the data file was imported from a text file) WebFocus is not reading it as a null, because the records still pull in when using DEP_CDE IS NOT MISSING. To verify this, I reversed the selection and tried to select only records where DEP_CDE IS MISSING, and WebFocus did not find any records. So what can I do to account for this space in the field?
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Try something like where DEP_CDE GE 0 (or '0' if it's a text field). If the blank values contain a space I believe if I remember correctly a 'space' is not GT '0'. Another option is if DEP_CDE always contains at least one number for example you could use WHERE DEP_CDE CONTAINS(0 OR 1 OR 2 OR 3 etc);

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IF you try getting records that are '' and you get only those records and you have also tryed where is not missing. Then you might try using where xxx is not missing and xxx NE ''. Give that a try. The only other thing would be to use a hex editor and see what the hex value of the field is.
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