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Agents crashing
We have many fexes under WebFOCUS53\basedir\fixpocaj\app
One amongst them displays a report in html format....and is working fine.

this report has a link for a pdf version...which when click calls another fex. this fex is running perfect intermittently. however, once in a while it fails with this error:

Error occurred.

if I check the agent on the server console...the agent status is shown as CRASHED.

this is not occuring for all instances.
in some cases, if I do a web-browser refresh on this error page...the expected pdf document returns.

what could be the reason for the agent crashes?

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Here is the SPS on your error message. Hope it's helpful to you.


Application receives:


Parsing of a large MFD with several DEFINEd fields. There may have been bad data for a DATE field that is not handled properly.


Corrected in 527.
Move DEFINE to FEX instead
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Just as an FYI for those who got this error, I managed to fix this error (WebFOCUS 5.3) by making sure that I cleared my joins. I had a join that was being referenced by another procedure and I don't think that the agent liked that amount of data being pulled back and forth. After clearing the join it worked like a charm. I haven't had to use long hold names but I, too, dislike the cryptic Java errors that appear from time to time.

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I had a similar problem, with crashing agents. The solution with 5.3.3 was a join clear AFTER the TABLE request. See the thread

We have 7.1.7 in test and the problem appears to be fixed.

Jim Morrow
Web Focus 7.6.10 under Windows 2003
MVS 7.3.3

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For ED's problem if it worked in HTML, i'm assuming he's using the same stylesheet code for PDF. I've seen instances where we had to change the Stylesheet code specifically for PDF output.

It's possible that the abend is coming from the styling code. Support would need to get traces and a savediag to confirm why it crashed

Prod: WebFOCUS 7.1.6, Windows 2003

Dev: WebFOCUS 7.6.2, Windows 2003
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IMO, it is a good idea to clear joins, defines and filedefs when you are done them. Just a habit I picked up back in the early days of PC FOCUS when memory was at such a premium.

In FOCUS since 1985. Prod WF 8.0.08 (z90/Suse Linux) DB (Oracle 11g), Self Serv, Report Caster, WebServer Intel/Linux.
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