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MRE question
Silver Member
Does any one know how to run a report that tables an FDS Focus Database through MRE. I can seemingly only utilize the data that is directly in the APP PATH. Thanks.
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<Claudia Holanda>
Not sure if this is what you are looking for but in WF5.2.1 you have the ability to report against multiple Reporting Servers (in any platform) from within one MRE session AND overwrite the default APP PATH for that domain.

See page 3-11.
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<IBI Sean>
Hi Tred:

If you haven't gotten an answer yet, here are a couple basic options.

1) To use FDS as intended, issue the USE command.
USE<br />focname AS masname ON servname READ<br />END
2) Alternatively add the FDS directory to your APP PATH. This method bypasses the use of the actual FDS control.
APP MAP FDS /ibi/srv52/wfs/fds<br />APP APPENDPATH FDS
Good luck!
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